January 25, 2009 alan

Obama Pizza anyone?

So my first DJ gig in Indonesia went well. I played for about 3 1/2 hours and enjoyed getting back behind the decks again. After the gig at X2 we were invited over to the club I played at 3 years ago, the amazing Stadium. This club opens on a Friday evening and doesn’t close until Monday morning. And it stays busy! I honestly think it’s possibly the best club in the world. I’ve seen a lot of great clubs but, so far, nothing beats Stadium. If you’re ever in Jakarta, you should go and see what I mean.

We arrived at Stadium around 5am and the place was buzzing. DJ Bobby Suryadi was playing. Great DJ, nice guy. When he finished, I was invited to play an impromptu set and jumped at the chance. I think I played about 2 hours and, with that crowd in that club, it was an absolute pleasure to be there again. Unfortunately I couldn’t risk having my camera with me while DJing so I have no photographic proof of how good it was, sorry.

By the time we left Stadium it was almost midday! By that time I was so tired and headed straight back to my hotel for some shut eye. When I awoke, I was invited out for some “breakfast”. My body clock must be freaking out cos I woke up at 1am and headed out for breakfast about an hour later. I declined my host’s offer of chicken feet and stuck with some chicken fried rice and shrimp. The restaurant was playing a Boyzone concert on the TV screens the whole time we were there so anything adventurous may have added to my nausea!

After eating we headed out for a brief tour of the city as the sun came up. This time I had my camera with me…

5 people on one motorcycle! This is, surprisingly, not a rare sight in Jakarta.

The water in the river is SOOOO filthy and full of rubbish. And it smells worse than you can imagine!

Bands don’t often visit Jakarta (or anywhere in Indonesia) but next week Welsh metallers Bullet For My Valentine will be here.

But we just missed Jakarta’s big wedding show!

Anyone feel like becoming vegetarian yet?

This building could do with a makeover. Trees are growing on the roof and the roots are inbedded into the walls! “Ridiculous”

And finally… Barack Obama fever hasn’t been missed here in Indonesia. The new US president actually went to school in Jakarta for a few years until he was ten years old. In his honour, you can now order your Obama Pizza from Izzi’s 🙂

Later today I head up to Bandung before heading to Bali tomorrow. I’ll be there until Saturday. More photos coming your way soon..

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  1. Evelyne

    Love the pictures! My favorite is the one with the taxi sign. Can’t wait for some more pics!


  2. Hello Steve

    I’m really enjoying following your travels here and on twitter. I’m Mag’s girlfriend, just in case you’re going, ‘Who IS this strange person that keeps adding me?’

    I think that photo of the falling down house with trees growing out of it is fabulous and I don’t think they should repair the house at all!

    Loving Obama pizza!

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