March 6, 2007 alan

Nine Inch Nails & Mastodon

Nine Inch Nails made a dreary Sunday a lot brighter yesterday. During the afternoon we were invited down to the venue, fed pizza and given free drinks. Trent came out and intoduced the new NIN album which we listened to all the way through while we stuffed our faces. The album is fantastic. Of course. Much more electronic than recent stuff but heavy and dirty as hell, just how we like it!
The gig later that night was typically intense with loads of early material and a few lost gems thrown in. Photographing them was unusual as, rather than getting the first 3 tracks, we were allowed to shoot tracks 6,7 and 8, one of which was Closer! The lights were tricky and occasionally there was so much smoke I just didn’t even bother trying but I got some cool shots which you can see on my Rock Photo site. It’s an honour to have pictures of one of my fave bands ever in my portfolio.

Tonight didn’t work out so well though. After supposedly sorting my Mastodon photo pass ages ago, I arrived in Wolverhampton to find no pass and an unhelpful tour manager so I never got to shoot the gig. I did however get to witness an immense gig which convinced me I should try to see them again in Nottingham next week. And this time I WILL have a photo pass!!!

Next week could be a busy week actually. There’s possibilities I’ll be shooting Poison The Well, Ghost Of A Thousand, Nine Inch Nails, Mastodon, Deftones and Idlewild all in one week. Evelyne leaves for Montreal on Tuesday (she has to go home to sort her resident visa for the UK) and I’m determined to be productive while she’s away. I’ll miss her but I’ll make the most of having time to myself to get things done.

Finished my night tonight catching up on Lost. Sometimes it’s a treat to just veg on the couch…

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