February 3, 2009 alan

Nidya and Ixan

While in Indonesia I met so many super-cool people. Everyone has been so welcoming and friendly. On Facebook I’ve been inundated with friend requests from Indonesians! Not many people come friendlier or cooler than Nidya and Ixan. Both are DJs, but they’re also a great couple who plan to marry in 2012. When they found out I was a photographer as well as a DJ, they asked if I’d mind doing some portraits for them while I was in town. How could I say no?! 🙂

The only time we could manage to fit in a shoot, however, was on Sunday night, in between flights, so all the pictures needed to be done at the airport in Jakarta. At night! A bit of a challenge. For the photographers out there, all these images were shot using whatever light we could find around the airport. No flash or additional lighting was used.

Nidya and Ixan even thought to bring presents for Elliott and our yet-to-arrive new baby. How nice is that?! And who knows, maybe I’ll be in Indonesia in 2012 to shoot the wedding! Great to meet you guys. Keep in touch.

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  1. Annie

    I have been following for about two years now,you do just seem to get better and better. I absolutely love these, well done.


  2. Lee Turnbull

    Gr8 SNAPS 😉 Stevie boy really looking forward to you doing Kate and I. Lee. x

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