December 28, 2008 alan

My new nephew

After a relaxing Christmas with the family, this morning we woke up to the news that my brother and his wife, Goong, had had a baby boy at 6am.

It’s their first baby together and everyone is doing well. As they live in Dublin I’m not sure when I’ll get to meet my new nephew, whom they’ve named Hugo, but hopefully it won’t be too long.

So I just want to congratulate Paul and Goong on a job well done.

It seems to be the time for babies. Our friends Charlotte & Steve (whose wedding we covered back in March) just had a baby girl before Christmas, Alan & Sara had a boy, Emily & Stef are all set to have their baby in the next few weeks and Evelyne’s sister is due in 3 months. And, of course, our 2nd baby boy is due to arrive in February! It’s an exciting time. Wish us all luck 🙂

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