July 11, 2009 alan

My Family (again!)

Yesterday was a day off for me and we decided to have a fairly lazy day with the kids as well as buying some plants for our new garden and a bar-b-q for Elliott’s 2nd birthday next weekend. We also took time to get some new photos of the kids, especially Isaac who is now starting to be much more aware and expressive. He’ll be 5 months old on Elliott’s birthday, the 17th.

People say Isaac looks more like me (although he has more hair!), Elliott looks more like Evelyne. What d’ya think…?

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  1. Simone Morgan

    Hiya Steve and Evelyne,
    I hope you’re both well.
    Wow – Isaac is the absolute image of you Steve!
    The boys are both so cute.
    I love seeing your new photo shoots, your pictures are so special.
    I want it to be our turn again!!
    Simone and Paul xx

  2. Gorgeous images – Isaac really is like you!……absolute image in no:7! Adore the black and white of Elliott……it’s enough to make you melt! Love it!…..and the family shot definitely deserves a place of honour too!

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