January 4, 2011 Steve Gerrard

My Albums of 2010

So, every year, around New Year, I list my favourite albums of the year. You can see my choices for 2009 HERE and 2008 HERE

2010 has been a great year for music in my opinion, even though many of my favourite artists haven’t released albums. I’m excited for 2011 giving us new material from Kathleen Edwards, Elbow, Gojira and maybe The Frames and Damien Rice.

But for now, here are my top albums of the year. You’ll love some of them and undoubtedly hate others, especially if you don’t like your music on the heavy side of things.

Hopefully, you’ll find something in here you haven’t heard before that you’ll enjoy. If you’re a Spotify user, check out my playlist HERE


1. Band Of Horses – Infinite Arms
A band I’ve yet to see live but they play here later this month. I listen to them all the time and this album is a true gem. Blissful.

2. The Chariot – Long Live
The most chaotic, immense, messed up, genius album I’ve heard in ages. One of the most intense live acts on the planet too. Can’t wait to see them live in April.

3. Parkway Drive – Deep Blue
Quickly becoming one of the biggest heavy bands around, Byron Bay’s Parkway Drive’s latest is the perfect mix of hardcore, metal and furious beatdowns.

4. The Gaslight Anthem – American Slang
Took me a few listens before I truly loved this but it’s been on constant rotation ever since. Escapism.

5. The National – High Violet
I have to admit, this was a slow burner for me. I wasn’t convinced to begin with but now I’m a total convert and can’t get enough of tracks like “Bloodbuzz Ohio” etc.

6. The Album Leaf – A Chorus Of Storytellers
The most gorgeous, beautifully constructed chill-out album of the year by far. And perfect editing music 🙂

7. Kings Of Leon – Come Around Sundown
I know this isn’t everyone’s favourite KoL album but, for me, it shows them maturing and ignoring the need for big hit singles. I love it.

8. Norma Jean – Meridional
I have more Norma Jean shirts than any other band. Fact.

9. Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan – Hawk
Such a great pairing of voices. Anyone who doesn’t love this can’t be my friend. Sorry 😉

10. Lissie – Catching A Tiger
Photographed Lissie at this year’s V Festival and was blown away by her performance. I watched the whole set. A genuine talent.

11. The Bled – Heat Fetish
Blistering hardcore and their best release yet.

12. Deftones – Diamond Eyes
Chino and the boys returned with a confident, varied album and immense live shows.

13. The Black Keys – Brothers
Evelyne’s current favourite band.

14. Interpol – Interpol
More dark, hypnotic musings from New York’s finest.

15. The Arcade Fire – The Suburbs
Seems to be the critics choice for album of the year. Adventurous as always.

16. War From A Harlot’s Mouth – MMX
Heavy as hell yet intricate and diverse. Not for the faint hearted.

17. Blacklisted Royals – Simper Liberi
This year’s Gaslight Anthem. Uplifting, old-fashioned, driving rock n roll. One for the road.

18. Ray LaMontagne & The Pariah Dogs – God Willin’ & The Creek Don’t Rise
That voice! Bluesy, soulful and mesmerising.

19. Whitechapel – A New Era Of Corruption
Brutal death metal from Tennessee.

20. The Dead Weather – Sea Of Cowards
Alison & Jack doing what they do best.

21. Jimmy Eat World – Invented
22. Brandon Flowers – Flamingo
23. Stars – The Five Ghosts
24. The Smoking Hearts – Pride Of Nowhere
25. Carnifex – Hell Chose Me
26. The Dillinger Escape Plan – Option Paralysis
27. The Roots – How I Got Over
28. Amy Seeley – Plum Coulee
29. Birds Of Wales – Belgravia Hotel
30. The Chemical Brothers – Further

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    • steve

      Yeah, I agree Kirsten. Better than the last Killers album I think. He saved his best songs for himself 🙂

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