August 23, 2013 Steve Gerrard

Vickie + Oscar – Backyard Wedding Photos in Montreal

Backyard wedding photos in Montreal

Vickie is an old friend of Evelyne’s from when she lived in Canada so when she asked if I could photograph her wedding in Montreal this summer I knew I had to do it and I knew exactly who my 2nd shooter would be 🙂

The whole wedding took place in Vickie’s parents’ garden with their closest friends and family, plenty of good food and a surprise performance by a mariachi band. The whole day was super-relaxed with plenty of laughs and it was great to shoot a wedding with Evelyne by my side. Wish I could do it more often…

Thanks a lot to Vickie & Oscar for inviting us along to such a great day…

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  1. Hannah Webster

    Awesome! Love the railway bridge. And the sunset silhouette. Backyard weddings are just so sweet. Wish we could have more of that sort of thing in the UK. Oh and Evelyne’s dress is fab – she is SO super cute! x

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