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Surprise Marriage Proposal Montreal

Photographing surprise proposals in Montreal is something that’s a little challenging but also very very exciting. I’ve taken photos in the best proposal places in Montreal, and being discreet but also ready for the big moment is not always an easy thing to achieve. Usually, I’ve been asked to shoot the proposal by the future groom, and his girlfriend will have no idea I’m there. I’ll document everything from the couple enjoying a walk together, probably in one of Montreal’s many picturesque and romantic locations, to that super-important moment where he asks the big question.

A proposal is one of life’s most significant occasions and having that documented by a photographer will capture the moment forever. Imagine looking back at these photos with your kids in years to come. Many couples will also have the images on display at the wedding.

Of course, the last thing I want to do is interfere with such a private event. I’ll chat with the guy before the day to discuss the perfect location at the perfect time of day so that we can be somewhere amazing but without too many other people around. Mont-Royal at sunrise is particularly amazing but not everyone wants to be up that early. But there are plenty of great places for a surprise proposal in Montreal. I’ve listed just a few below.

Surprise Proposal Photos Montreal
Montreal Surprise Proposal Photographer
Surprise Proposal Photos Montreal

The Most Romantic Places To Get Engaged In Montreal

Mont Royal Proposal


The Kondiaronk Belvedere aka Mont Royal viewing deck is a very popular & romantic spot in the city. And for good reason. The twinkling lights of downtown Montreal, the vast expanse of the evening sky – it’s like the scene from a romantic comedy. It’s also the most popular location for popping the question. It works really well for me too as there are plenty of places to hide. Nobody would find it unusual for somebody to be walking around there with a camera so it’s perfect for capturing a surprise proposal with raising any suspicions.


The Old Port will always be high on the list for couples looking for photos. Whether you decide to pop the question at the docks, or kneel on the cobblestones right in the middle of Jaques Cartier square, it will always make for beautiful photos.

old port Montreal proposal
Proposal Montreal old port
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The Westmount Conservatory is a bright, lush location, perfect as the backdrop for your proposal. It’s secluded and temperate and guarantees you won’t have any last minute problems due to the weather.


What could be more romantic than being by the water with a fantastic view of the Montreal skyline? Parc de Dieppe makes for really great photos at any time but throw in a proposal and that’s when the magic happens.

Parc de Dieppe proposal


If you like the thought of proposing on the mountain but want to avoid the crowds then the trail on Mount Royal could be exactly the place to make your move. There is natural beauty all around and more than enough places for me to hide to capture the moment you ask your girl to marry you!

Surprise Proposal Mont Royal


Montreal’s Botanical Garden offers so many beautiful locations to pop the question, from the Japanese Garden to more secluded but equally picturesque areas away from the crowds. In summer you’ll have to pay an admission fee but it’s totally worth that little expense.

Check out this surprise proposal at Montreal Botanical Garden.

Montreal Botanical Gardens proposal


At the end of the day, you know your future-fiancee better than anybody so choosing the perfect location for a surprise proposal needs to feel personal and well-suited to you as a couple. So whether it’s your favourite coffee shop, a mural on St-Laurent or in the exact place you first met, if it has significance to you it will be perfect to document the moment where your lives move to the next chapter.

Once the moment has passed and your partner has said YES! we can spend time doing a portrait session with you as a newly engaged couple. As a photographer, being a witness to a surprise proposal is such an honour and something I feel humbled to be asked to do. So if you’re thinking of popping the question sometime soon, I’d love to hear from you.


An hour-long shoot is CA$450 + tx. Extra hours are just $250. All edited photos are included in the price.

Proposal locations in MontrealMontreal Surprise Proposal Photographer
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Montreal Surprise Proposal

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