November 21, 2007 alan

Mid-Week Chaos

A Swedish company contacted me about photographing somebody they have interviewed for a magazine out there. He’s a young, successful businessman and yesterday I met him in Coventry for a very brief portrait shoot. It was all very easy really and a couple of hours later they had the images in Sweden and had emailed back saying “they are just what we’re looking for”. Job done!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Had a chilled evening last night watching “The Secret Millionaire”, which always leaves me inspired and strangely emotional (I know, I’m a wuss), and drinking red wine. Not many nights in this week so we made the most of it.

Today promises to be a much more hectic day as I’m covering a full makeover for Live 24-Seven magazine. It includes a shopping spree, make-up, nails, hair and teeth whitening. Not a very rock & roll job but these things help pay the bills. And I more than make up for the rock & roll element this evening as I’m shooting the Taste Of Chaos gig at the Academy featuring Gallows, Aiden, Rise Against and The Used. I’ve been waiting ages to catch Gallows live so it’ll be interesting to see how they measure up after all the hype.

Here’s a photo I took of my cousin’s little girl..
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