July 10, 2007 alan

Metallica @ Wembley

Managed to get some great shots of the mighty Metallica at Wembley Stadium but some photographers have slightly better access.. Check out Ross Halfin’s photos of the same gig HERE. You can see him in the background on this shot:
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It was a fantastic day and the sun stayed out. All the bands were excellent except for HIM who should never have been on the bill in the first place. Their singer loooked like he’d rather be anywhere else than on the Wembley Stadium stage. I mean, how many thousands of bands dream of playing that stage. For him to look thoroughly bored throughout their whole set was an insult to the 60,000 people in front of him and the crowd responded accordingly. I thought they’d be bad, but it was one of the worst shows I think I’ve ever seen. The other bands, including Metallica, all looked like they were loving every second. We had great seats in the press area and it was nice to see Jimmy Page in attendance. Let’s hope we get to see Led Zeppelin on stage again next year..
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My mom & dad, who live primarily in Spain these days, promised to bring some sunshine back with them and sure enough, when they arrived this weekend, the good weather returned and it was more than welcome. I did my first solo meeting with a potential wedding couple on Saturday while Evelyne kept her friend company. I must have done ok as they booked there and then, making it 3 confirmations in 4 days!

I’ll post more photos from Wembley here soon..

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