June 29, 2007 alan

Master! Master!

I’ve obviously done something to impress Rock Sound. They just called and asked me to shoot the Metallica gig at Wembley Stadium for them! That’s quite an honour. They’re supported by Machine Head, HIM and Mastodon so it’ll be a good day. It’d be nice to take a mate (hello Tony) with me but we’ll have to see if that’s possible..

I’ve mentioned some of the Australian wedding photographers on here before but it’s not often a British photographer really wows me with their work. There’s plenty of good wedding photographers over here but not many whose work matches up to the likes of Jerry Ghionis, Marcus Bell or Yervant in my opinion. This week, however, I stumbled across Jeff Ascough whose website showcases some truly amazing images. It’s a nice site too – very classy. He also sells a great Actions package which I’m gonna treat myself to. Anything to help save time. I’ve been going through almost 2000 images from our last wedding and, as great as Lightroom is, it still takes hours to sort through and process the best images from the day. I have Actions packages from both Ryan Schembri and Yervant which help but Jeff’s seem quite original and useful. We’ll see…

Yesterday I spent a few hours shooting a 2 year old’s birthday party which was great fun and I came home with some lovely images for the parents. We then met Tammy & Dave who are getting married in 2 months time. They seemed to be really sold on the photography so fingers crossed we may have another confirmed booking for this year. They also asked if we were available on October 20th for Dave’s sister’s wedding!

Right.. must crack on with these wedding pictures…

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