June 18, 2009 alan

Lorraine & James – Superstar Couple

I always have a great time photographing weddings but occasionally I get to shoot a wedding which is so much fun it leaves me inspired and immensely grateful to be doing this for a career. James & Lorraine’s wedding is already in the running for Wedding Of The Year as far as I’m concerned. The weather was glorious, the setting idyllic, their guests made us feel totally welcome and the couple went out of their way to help us get the shots we wanted.

You may remember Lorraine & James from their engagement shoot which got more blog comments than any other engagement shoot ever. After that we knew we were in for a fun day but it exceeded expectations on every level. I was helped on the day by uber-photographer Chris Barber.

The wedding was held in the beautiful town of Chipping Campden in the Cotswolds. Definitely one of the most picturesque areas of the English countryside. So here are just a few images from the main event…


Super-funky cake! (James’ last name is Busby) 🙂

Time for the speeches..

Check out those rings!

After dinner we escaped into the almost deserted town for some portraits of Lorraine & James. This is where we really have some fun..

Lorraine’s Dad stopped by to see what we were up to 🙂


James tries to get Lorraine’s attention..

These girls have been watching too much America’s Next Top Model…

And here’s our favourite wedding band… The Cartoon Kings

When I’m old, make sure I have a drink in each hand at all times!

Cotswold House is such a cool, funky venue we knew we had to use the interior for some evening portraits.

You’re married now James… 🙂

The party was so good, Chris & I ending up staying til the band finished at around midnight.

So there you have it – One of my favourite wedding couples yet. I can’t wait to see the finished album. And I think I have a new image for the studio wall 🙂

Thanks to Lorraine & James for making our job so much fun. We’re honoured to have been part of such a great day. Cheers.

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Comments (20)

  1. Becky

    Wow! What an amazing couple!! I’m in SO much love with that cone head photograph!!!!

  2. Leigh

    Wow, stunning, love the one of Lorraine on the sofa! It was a great day, thanks so much for inviting us we had a fun time xxx

  3. Boom! These are awesome, stair/video light shots turned out super!
    Amazing shots, locations, light & weather, and (most obviously) – an amazing couple! Congrats Lorraine & James!

  4. Niv

    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!
    Gorgeous bride, handsome groom, lovely location, lovely day!

  5. James

    Steve / Chris – thank you so much. You were both awesome on the day. The shots turned out better than we ever could have dreamed of. The problem now is cutting them down so that the album isn’t 2 feet thick!!

  6. Mum and Dad B

    A brilliant fun time was had by all – you can tell that from the fantastic photos. Best day’s weather of the year, beautiful location, great food (and drink!)and happy couple plus happy guests. Lots of love. xx

  7. Ian Dunn

    Beautiful images once again Steve,the one of Lorraine and her Dad walking down the isle is the best Wedding photograpth i have ever seen.

  8. Elaine

    I knew your photos would be good, but these are undoubtedly the best ever. It was really hard to choose a favorite but I think it’s a toss up between the cone heads and the one where James jumps-how can anyone jump that high?!

    It was a great day. Thanks Mr and Mrs Busy-McVey

  9. Loz Staples+Karen Parker

    What an amazing day it was, everyone looked stunning, weather was spot on and the location top notch!!! photographs are brilliant Steve!!! cone shot is wicked!!!! What an Awesome Day, thanks for everything James and Lorraine.

  10. Lorraine (the bride)

    Well what can I say about our wedding. Perfect day, location brilliant and weather fantastic band and food all great and all our amazing guests came to join in the fun – and even I look pretty good in the photos.

    Fantastic job boys! Well done and we will definitely book you both again in the future.

    Thanks for making our day so special.

    Lorraine – the wee bride! x

  11. Sarah & Wayne Flynn Vilic

    Your photographs are amazing! They bring back fantastic memories (especially the bench-jumping!) of a day we were both thrilled to be a part of – many thanks (and congratulations!!) to the happy couple!


  12. Elesha

    Congratulations to the very very happy couple – your day looks fantastic and so much fun! Amazing photos Steve!

  13. Ash

    Congratulations to both of you – You look lovely together and your wedding pics are amazing. Seems like it was lots of fun!!!

    Wishing you both all the best

    – Ash

  14. Becky Corneby

    Photos are amazing!! You guys look great. We are very proud to have been part of your special day. We loved playing and are really glad that you had a great time. Great to meet Lorraine and James they were so lovely and made the whole process a joy. All the best for the future.
    Thanks again for the recommendation Steve.
    – Bex- Cartoon Kings

  15. Alex T

    Completely gorgeous photos of an utterly gorgeous couple.
    Lorraine and James you are seriously hot stuff!


  16. San

    Busybee you both look amazing and very very happy. Many Many Congratulations to you both.

    Love San

  17. Steve Mason

    Congratulations to you both

    All the best from SJM Accounting Services!!

  18. Sandra

    Wow lorraine great Photos. it looks like you both had a great day, you look fantastic and my favourite is the cones…ha ha Seriously wicked pictures.. Be happy you 2.

    Love Sandy

  19. Julie Stone (nee McIver)

    Fantastic pictures – best wedding pictures ever seen! Thank you Lorraine and James for inviting the ‘Bill McIver’ family to your wedding we felt very honoured and privileged to take part in such a fantastic day. The bride looked beautiful and so did the Bridesmaid!

    Love Julie xx

  20. Wow… Amazing pictures. Some of the best photos I have seen of an English wedding. I must say that I should have met you (James) earlier and would have loved to attend the day !! I loved almost all of the pictures in this series. Being a photographer myself, I can say that photographer did a very good job and he also had perfect subjects to photograph!

    Here are a few photos that got my attention.

    1. The first one in the series
    2. The cone heads
    3. Where you are in the air and Lorraine is on the bench.
    4. You both looking at other directions with that brown door in between (you sitting on the right and you Mrs standing looking left).
    5. The Saddles on the table …
    6. well … I guess all of the rest as well !!!

    What an awesome series. I wish you the very best in life and a very happy married life. May God less you both with loads of happiness in life.

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