September 3, 2010 Steve Gerrard

Liz & Dave – Wedding at Colchester Officers' Club

Photographing a photographer’s wedding inevitably means a little added pressure!

When Dave asked me to shoot his & Liz’s wedding last year I was honoured and knew I wanted to bring my A game when it came round to the main event. But then, I want to shoot every wedding like it’s the most important wedding I’ve ever shot.

Liz & Dave’s wedding was hot! Like hottest day of the year hot! I changed my shirt before we arrived at the reception venue. It was hot!

It wasn’t quite as hot as the reception venue became just 2 weeks later though…. 2 weeks later the reception venue burned to the ground! Such a shame as it’s a great venue. I’m just glad it happened after, and not before, Liz & Dave’s wedding.

Liz & Dave are stars! They are so good together, you just can’t imagine them being with anybody else than each other.

This is what happened on their wedding day….

On the day I was lucky enough to have “awesomegasmatron” photographer Chris Barber along as 2nd shooter. Here’s one he took of me doing my thing…

Big congrats to Liz & Dave and thanks to them both for having us be a part of such a great wedding. Thanks also to Chris Barber for tagging along on the day and helping out so much.

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