October 25, 2010 Steve Gerrard

KT Tunstall – Live in Wolverhampton

I think I have a little crush on KT Tunstall. Sorry Evelyne.

Last night she played in Wolverhampton at the Wulfrun Hall and she was fantastic as ever. Funny, smiley and entertaining as well as playing and singing brilliantly.

I’m definitely gonna try and catch her again when she comes to Birmingham in the new year…

Oh yeah, and Charlotte Hatherley is now in her band.

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  1. Gary

    I can understand SG (great pics) having a KT crush, and she herself should be commended for the ground she’s covered to date with her material. Yet for some reason I found her live performance, as on one previous occasion, lacking. The Headrush loop effect gets a touch too much limelight, useful as it is as a composition tool and from the rear of the hall the sound was a little ‘muddy’ and visually not brilliant but then again in the Wulfrun I don’t expect either to be fantastic but I may be clutching at straws here. On the plus side, the re working of Other Side Of The World was great, but with the great visual imagery that KT has, and Steve’s pics bear this out, I can’t help but feel she promises more than she delivers.

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