May 6, 2010 alan

KISS at Birmingham LG Arena


Some bands are a bit dull to photograph in concert. They stand there in subdued lighting, staring at their instruments and hardly communicate with the crowd.

KISS are not one of those bands!

Earlier tonight I was at the LG Arena in Birmingham to photograph KISS for the second time and the self-proclaimed “hottest band in the world” are possibly the most fun band you could ever want to have in front of you when you have a camera in hand.

Here are just a few of my fave photos from the gig…


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Comments (10)

  1. Awesome pics, Steve ! Used to be a massive KISS fan in my younger days … my sis was at this concert so I’m going to post the link on her FB page too !

    Very cool.


  2. Gary Marlowe


    Love the contrast between Kiss and Glen Campbell. Great shots as always, but I think it’s time to explore something that goes beyond just capturing a band on stage. If it were me, I’d want to go further than simply recording a moment in time.

    Best regards

    Gary Marlowe

  3. steve

    Gary, what do you mean by “go further than simply recording a moment in time”?
    I’m a photographer so that’s kinda what I do, no?

  4. Mark

    Hi great photos,did you take any fan photos ? i was there at the front dressed as Gene Regards Mark

  5. Ned Rodgers

    Steve, maybe Gary wants you to don the face paint, and get involved on stage as well as photograph it?

    ‘Move over Gene, this is Steve time!!’

    Or am I taking this too far?????


  6. Kathy

    Awsome pics Steve, my nieces boyf was there the same night so have posted this to his FB! see you soon!

  7. My tongue is definitely bigger than Genes. I can even touch my nose. I’ll prove it.

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