September 24, 2009 alan

Kerry & Leslie – A London Engagement Shoot

Now this is how I like to spend my day..

Travelling around the city of London in the sunshine with two super-cool people making fun, relaxed, quirky, creative images, getting to know each other and laughing plenty along the way.

Kerry & Leslie get married next year in Asia but live and work in London, so wanted to get some photos of themselves hanging out in the place they currently call home. As soon as we got the enquiry I knew I was going to be in my element.

Starting off at a park near their home, we then headed to Shoreditch and onto the South Bank before taking in the Houses Of Parliament and finally Trafalgar Square.

Here are a few pictures we made along the way…

Ha! Ha!

Love this!


We decided to get the typical cheesy tourist photo 🙂

Hopefully you can tell what a great day we had, but also what an amazingly cool couple Kerry & Leslie are. They even bought me some beautiful organic pizza for lunch. Thanks guys 🙂

Unfortunately this fantastic day had a depressing end as a truck driver ploughed into the back of my car on the journey home! My face hit the driving wheel and blood poured from my nose. My car was a mess and it took me hours to make my way home after leaving my poor car on the motorway! Not fun. It could have been worse though so I’m grateful for small mercies..

I wish Kerry & Leslie all the best for their future together and I’m sure their wedding is going to be amazing. Cheers! 🙂

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  1. Oh-la-la. This is such a varied and brilliantly artistic produced set Steve. Great vision and layout. On there own, without the couple in the shots, they are an amazing set of shots in their own right. I bet Kerry and Leslie are over the moon about these. Magical.

    Many thanks and get well soon! :o)

  2. Kerry & Leslie

    We love them!!! Just the type of photos we were looking so hard to find here in London, and a great way to remember a brilliant day out … almost makes all the compromising positions worthwhile. 😉 Thanks for making this so fun and memorable for us, Steve!

  3. Dasha

    these pics are very creative. Amazing how u were able to capture the perfect picture moments. or i mean create the perfect situations to birth the shots of hapiness, thoughtfulness and silliness. and of course their love for ea other

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