April 6, 2010 alan

Kate & Ian – Engagement Session at RAF Cosford Museum


When Kate & Ian suggested doing their engagement shoot at RAF Cosford, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.

It sounded interesting though. And different. Different = Good!

On the day of the shoot the weather was pretty grim so I called the couple to suggest rescheduling. They said they still wanted to go ahead with the session and I’m glad they did. Although we had to dodge the odd shower, we managed to avoid the worst of it and were treated to some nice, moody skies to make the images a little more dramatic.

When the weather turned worse we headed inside the museum and climbed up on the occasional aircraft carrier. Here’s some fave photos from the session…

ps. I highly recommend the RAF Museum if you or your kids love planes. There’s loads to see and it’s all FREE!


Kate & Ian get married next month at the AMAZING Avoncroft Museum. Can’t wait to be back there with my cameras…. Pics here not long afterwards of course 🙂

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  1. Smashing shots here, have just discovered your photography while researching in advance of setting my own business up. Love your style.

  2. I love going to RAF Cosford. I makes me feel like I am an 8-year-old again with my AirFix kits scattered everywhere.

    Brilliant scenes and compositions Steve; truly excellent. Well done.

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