March 5, 2011 Steve Gerrard

Justin Bieber – Live at Birmingham NIA

So after years of shooting some of the coolest bands on the planet, it’s come to this….

Haha. But seriously, when some people heard I was going to be photographing Justin Bieber they thought I was mad. But I have nothing against him and, being one of the world’s biggest pop stars, I was interested to see what kind of show he put on and to photograph a gig which is completely opposite to what I’d normally shoot.

I only stayed for the first 3 songs but I have to say, the stage show was mightily impressive and the boy can dance! I’m fairly sure he was lip-synching, at least while I was there, and obviously the music is just throwaway cheese aimed at young kids, but the world will always need teen popstars and Justin does what he does better than most.

Justin turned 17 this week and already has almost 8 million Twitter followers!

I promise to have some more credible bands on the blog very shortly…

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