September 1, 2017 Steve Gerrard

Winter Is Coming

When I posted on my Instagram Stories on Wednesday that I was going to update this journal more often, Evelyne scoffed.

To be honest, she had a point. I’ve always wanted to add to my online journal a few times a week. Like a little diary of what’s going on with me. Whereas my Blog is for posting recent work etc, this can be whatever I want it to be.

I can post interesting videos I stumble across like this:

I can tell you what album I currently have on repeat:

I can tell you about a recent wedding guest who is the Mexican doppelgänger for Jon Snow from Game Of Thrones!

Or maybe I’ll just post something that makes me laugh whenever I see it!

still don't know I'm a dog

So I aim to prove my wife wrong. I’m gonna post more often, and if I don’t, you have my permission to poke me on Facebook (is that still a thing?).

The fact that wedding season is slowing down and the kids are back at school should give me more time to update my Journal anyway. It’s the first day September and the temperature here in Montreal seems to have plummeted already. Winter Is Coming, as someone on my TV recently mentioned. And winter in Quebec is LONG! I have a ton of things I have planned for the down time. Ideas buzzing around my head and things I wanna learn to take my photography business to the next phase.

And I need to improve my French. Anyone have any tips on that one? My kids are all bilingual now so I need to know what they’re saying!

For now though I have plenty of editing to do. Don’t believe me? LOOK!

Oh yeah, and I just blogged a great wedding so TAKE A LOOK.

And, apart from The War On Drugs, there’s a new LCD Soundsystem album. And the new Daughter album. And I just got the new Comeback Kid album. Time to give my speakers some new music…. Speak soon. No, really!

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