March 28, 2015 Steve Gerrard

We bought a house!

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It’s been a few months we’ve been living in Montreal now and for that whole time we’ve been staying with family. It’s been great being around people we love while we get ourselves settled but we’ve been looking forward to finding our own place.

And we finally found it.

It all happened really fast. 24 hours after seeing the house we made an offer. Another family made an offer the same evening. We beat theirs by $1000 and the wheels to getting our new home span into motion. 9 days later the inspection was done, mortgage approved and everything was confirmed.

With everything moving so fast it was a little nerve-wracking but we totally love the house. It has a huge garden with a pool and we move in just in time for the glorious Montreal summer.

All our household belongings from the UK arrived about a month ago. Almost 2 months later than we expected! Most of it remains in storage and, whilst we were moving it from the port to our storage space I managed to drop a large computer on my head!


I still have far more weddings overseas than in Canada at the moment but enquiries here are beginning to trickle in. Three weeks ago Evelyne’s sister got married and I took photos as a gift to them. I’ll post a few here soon.

So, we’re homeowners again. Evelyne is planning what colours to paint the rooms already and adding to her Pinterest board. I’m planning where to put the Sonos speakers 🙂

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