August 30, 2017 Steve Gerrard

Someone did a drawing of my Biffy Clyro photo

Biffy Clyro in Montreal

Earlier this year I photographed the mighty Biffy Clyro when they played a small room in Montreal. It was an epic gig as you can see on the Montreal Rocks site. Just two months later I saw them headline the Download Festival back in England in front of tens of thousands of people.

Since that night in Montreal I was contacted by a girl called Fiona who flew all the way from Scotland to see Biffy play in Canada. Another fan of the band, Magdalena Kowalczyk, had seen my photos and decided to do her own interpretation of one of them. And she did an impressive job too.

Biffy Clyro drawing

Pretty cool I thought.

I’ve shot Biffy Clyro multiple times over the past decade and they’re always phenomenal live. It’s really strange how unknown they are in Canada and the US considering they’re such a huge band around the rest of the world.

My friend Randal was also at the Montreal gig and made this little highlights compilation below. Take a look…

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