December 19, 2017 Steve Gerrard

Real Questions for Wedding Photographers

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Winter has definitely arrived here in Montreal. Dropping the kids off to school this morning felt like we were in a scene from some cheesy Christmas movie as snowflakes drifted down around us. But winter means I have more time to spend on all those jobs I never quite get around to during peak wedding season… like blog posts.

I’ve blogged quite a bit in the past few weeks. And I’ve also been asked by a few wedding blogs to write posts for them. This week I wrote a piece about winter weddings for the WeddingLovely blog. And I’ve just finished a post for MTL Wedding Blog titled THE REAL QUESTIONS YOU SHOULD BE ASKING YOUR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER.

We photographers tend to be asked the same old questions by potential clients. Many are fair enough but a few are just taken from some list that they found online and I can tell that they’re not really that bothered by the answer. I recently had a couple ask “what are you go-to photos on a wedding day?” I never have any go-to photos though. Every wedding is unique and all about what happens in that moment when those people come together. I’d hate to feel like I was just shooting the same thing I shot last weekend but with a new couple.

Anyway, you can check out my post on MTL Wedding Blog RIGHT HERE if you’re interested. Feel free to share it with anyone you know who’s looking for their own wedding photographer….

questions for wedding photographers

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