March 31, 2016 Steve Gerrard



This year I’m determined to take more day-to-day photos of the family. Not just when it’s a birthday or we go on a day trip. I want to document our normal life as the kids grow up.

And then I’m gonna edit the images. And print them! So often Ive taken personal photos and never got around to even editing them. I’m embarrassed to admit that but it’s true. When you’re working so hard to make clients happy, sometimes it’s easy to neglect what’s important for your own family.

These are the photos our boys will look back on and remember their childhood as it was. Not just the highlights. Eating cereal. Watching TV. Playing. Crying. Laughing…. And for me as a photographer, the challenge is to try and be as creative with normality as I am with weddings etc.

montreal-family-photographers_0467 montreal-family-photographers_0468 montreal-family-photographers_0469 montreal-family-photographers_0470 montreal-family-photographers_0471 montreal-family-photographers_0472

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