May 31, 2016 Steve Gerrard

Make. Good. Art.


I seem to be in a state of flux right now. I feel like I want my business and my photography (maybe that it’s in the wrong order!) to progress onto the next chapter. I still love shooting weddings (most of the time) and thoroughly enjoy most other elements of what I shoot… bands, portraits, families etc. But I’ve done all of that for ten years now and I really feel like I need to move forward.

Moving forward doesn’t mean ditching what I do now. Not at all. But maybe I’ll slowly add to my skill set and aim to reduce the number of weddings I shoot per year. That would also allow me to be a little more selective with which weddings I accept so that I know that I’m choosing the best clients to allow me to make images I love. I’ve had a couple of recent weddings where in my heart I knew we weren’t the perfect fit but I felt the need to take the booking to help establish myself in Montreal or simply to make sure we can pay our mortgage.

So, the big question is “what?”

What work should I be seeking out that will fit my brand, my style and, at the same time, help me feel like I’m moving forward? I’ve been drawn to editorial portraiture more and more recently. I love photographers like Sam Jones, Danny Clinch, Perou, Paolo Roversi and Damon Winter. And I still surround myself with the photographs of Anton Corbijn. There are many more I could mention of course. And I guess my aim is to find my own version of what they’ve achieved.

Sometimes it feels like an uphill struggle to move from where I am now to where I want to be. But then I look back and see how far I’ve come in the past decade. And that simple retrospective thought encourages me to believe that I have the capabilities to get to somewhere else in my journey. Sorry if that sounds a little too deep for a Tuesday. Maybe I need more tea.

I began my day re-watching the talk below by Neil Gaiman. If you haven’t seen it, or even if you have, I highly recommend taking 20 minutes out of your day…

It’s a beautiful day here in Montreal. The door to the garden is open and all I can hear right now are birds chirping. That may soon change dramatically as I’ve just been sent a link to the new Gojira album 3 weeks before its release!

I don’t have a wedding now til June 18th. I have a few concerts before that but it’s refreshing to have a break when it’s normally so busy with weddings etc. I think that may be another reason I’m in this state of flux. I want to use the down time to make positive steps towards the future.

That mountain may not be as far away as it seems y’know….


I hope this post doesn’t sound in any way negative. I’m totally happy with what I do now but feel the need to move forward and always feel creative. I want to continually challenge myself. I think as creatives and artists we are never satisfied with where we are and I truly believe that’s a very good thing. As soon as we feel we are good enough the work begins to suffer. I’m so grateful that I get to wake up every day doing something I love. I never take that for granted.

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