September 22, 2017 Steve Gerrard

Happy Birthday to my favourite girl

Evelyne Desilets Grand Canyon

September 22nd. Evelyne’s birthday.

The sun is shining. It’s 25 degrees outside and Evelyne has the day off work. We’re just about to go grab some lunch together. Just the two of us. The kids are in school 🙂

Evelyne’s not big on birthdays. Sometimes she forgets it’s her own birthday! But I don’t forget. She works so hard, always putting everyone else before herself, so I relish the opportunity to make a fuss of her. Not that I only do that once a year of course!

She’s amazing. And beautiful. We have had so many adventures together since we met 14 years ago. She’s the absolute best mom to our boys, she’s my rock and I’m excited to see where our life together takes us next.

In short, she’s the love of my life. Happy Birthday Evelyne xxx

* Photos by Ed Peers, Jeff Newsom, Sean Flanigan, The Crawleys, The Willinghams, Fer Juaristi, Jonathan Canlas, Emma Case…. and us!

Evelyne Desilets by Ed Peers
Evelyne Desilets photos
Steve & Evelyne by Sean Flanigan

Gerrard family by The Crawleys

Steve Gerrard family
Evelyne Desilets
Evelyne Desilets pictures
Evelyne Desilets Montreal
Gerrard Family by Liam Crawley

Evelyne by Ed Peers

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