September 5, 2014 Steve Gerrard

Half Way There….

Today marks the halfway point of my time without Evelyne and the boys. They left for Montreal on August 5th and I fly to join them on October 5th.

I’m missing them like crazy as you’d imagine but I’ve been so busy with weddings and festivals etc I wouldn’t have seen them too much even if they were here!

It’s great to keep up with them on Skype though and they’re obviously having a great summer as Evelyne’s iPhone photos below will show you.

Elliott & Isaac have now started school over there, complete with the yellow bus, and that all seems to be going well so far, despite it being a primarily French speaking school.

I have six more weddings before I fly to Canada so I’m keeping myself busy, but I’m still counting the days…… 30…..

(all photos taken on Evelyne’s iPhone)


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  1. Barbara Banks

    It’ll go by quicker with you being so busy, Steve. Beautiful family, lovely pictures! Looks like you’re all going to be very happy indeed! 🙂 xxx

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