October 3, 2017 Steve Gerrard

You Got Lucky Babe

Steve Gerrard wedding

Today is bittersweet. One of the musicians who soundtracked my life passed away way too soon. Tom Petty was still touring and creating amazing music and we’ll never know the songs he was yet to write but we’ll always have a huge catalogue of magnificent music. I was lucky enough to see him in concert a couple of times. He was a fantastic performer, musician and songwriter. RIP Tom.

But today is also a milestone for Evelyne & I. It was 3rd October 2007 that all the photos below were taken when we had our wedding at Polhawn Fort in Cornwall surrounded by some of our favourite people on the planet. And our dogs. It was a super-relaxed day. We did it our way and just wanted everyone to have fun with us.

Considering it was October we were crazy lucky with the weather and had an outdoor ceremony overlooking the sea. Elliott wasn’t even 3 months old at the time and was our ring bearer (they were tied on a ribbon around his neck).

Everyone always asks who shot my wedding, and we were lucky enough to have not one but three friends who offered to take photos for us. Bianca Barrett, Lisa Gault and Bridget McCann. Some of their photos are now framed on our walls here in Canada.

And this morning I surprised Evelyne…. with a wedding album. Yes, I know!! It took ten years! But I am so happy we finally have all the best photos in a gorgeous album from Vision Art. Can’t wait to show the kids when they get back from school. And I hope one day they’ll show it to their kids…

So we have been married for 3,653 days.
That’s 522 weeks.
120 months.
A decade of marriage.
And I still love her. A lot.

“Good love is hard to find
You got lucky, babe
When I found you” – Tom Petty

Happy anniversary to us! 🙂

Steve Evelyne wedding
Steve Gerrard Polhawn Fort wedding
Steve Gerrard wedding Polhawn
Polhawn Fort wedding
Steve Gerrard Polhawn Fort
Steve Gerrard Evelyne
Best Polhawn Fort wedding photos

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