August 6, 2014 Steve Gerrard

The Gerrards’ Leaving Party

Steve Gerrard Photography

This week was a big one for Team Gerrard.

Yesterday Evelyne and the kids headed out to Montreal. Not a holiday this time. If all goes to plan, this is the first step of our permanent move to Canada.

I don’t leave tip October. Before then I have 13 weddings, 2 festivals and a bunch of other shoots, including photographing naked rugby players tomorrow!

On Sunday we invited a bunch of friends and family to help us celebrate the next chapter. It was amazing to have so many of our favourite people in one room. There was good food, plenty of drinks, a lot of laughs, a pub quiz hosted by our good pal Zak….. Evelyne and I made a quick speech and it was the perfect way to say goodbye…. or au revoir…. for now.

To everyone who came down to the party, we thank you so much.

Thanks also to Andy, Amy, Ed and Lee for taking some of these photos for us 🙂

Steve Gerrard Photography Steve Gerrard Photography 2014-08-07_0004 Steve Gerrard Photography 2014-08-07_0006 2014-08-07_0007 Steve Gerrard Photography Steve Gerrard Photography Steve Gerrard Photography Steve Gerrard Photography Steve Gerrard Photography

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  1. Ahhh fab set of photos! Canada is gaining one hell of a photographer!! Hope you all make some fab memories there! … oh and if you want a hand with your naked rugby shoot…. 😉

    The UK will miss you, keep posting awesome pictures!

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