March 1, 2017 Steve Gerrard

Embracing the Down Time


Photo – The Willinghams

Since moving to Montreal just over two years ago I’ve spent a lot of time travelling to weddings, whether that be back in the UK or various other places around the world. That’s not me showing off. I do love travelling but it’s not always as glamorous as it seems, and often I’m just counting the days until I get to see my kids and Evelyne again.

One of the main reasons for the travelling is the simple fact that not many people knew us here in Quebec so we weren’t booking that many local weddings. In fact, we’re still not booking anywhere near as many as I’d like here in Montreal so I’m grateful that I still work regularly in the UK and elsewhere. It means I can pay my mortgage.

Things are picking up here now though and eventually I hope to be shooting the majority of weddings in Canada. I definitely still want to shoot weddings elsewhere, especially the UK so I get to visit friends and pop over to see my mom. This year I have a lot of UK weddings again, although I deliberately stopped taking too many bookings there over the summer. Summers in Montreal are so great. The weather is mostly beautiful. There are festivals almost every weekend, from Just For Laughs and the famous Jazz Festival to food festivals and Osheaga which this year has Muse, The Weeknd and Lorde headlining.


Last August I spent more time in the UK than I did at home. While my boys were off school and enjoying the summer weather. What’s the point in working so hard if I can’t spend that time with my family? This summer will be different!

This time of year, with permanent snow on the ground, means I’m not shooting as much. Not many people get married in winter in Quebec. I did shoot three weddings here in December but my first wedding of 2017 isn’t until the end of March. And it’s in Vegas!

So, I’m making the most of my down time right now. That doesn’t mean I’m slacking off. This time of year allows me to work on my SEO, think about marketing and how I want to take the business forward. I might tidy my office space. And maybe I’ll write some more Journal posts like this. I really want to do more of these this year. Hopefully you’ll see more of these random rambling posts on my new website….

Yep. Another job I’m spending time on this month is redesigning this very site. Not everything will change. I do like most of what’s here already, but I’ll be adding some cool new features, updating pages and completely changing the Home page. Hopefully it’ll be slicker, quicker and more modern. But still very me.

So I’m currently sat in my home office listening to Phil Taggart, one of the radio shows I listen to regularly, and going through images, writing content and emailing back and forth with my pal Bryn from Growing Kenneth who is working on the site with me.

And at 3:30 my boys will come home and I’ll get to play Top Trumps without worrying I’m late editing a wedding!

As they say…watch this space!

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