October 3, 2013 Steve Gerrard

Life Through An iPhone

Stumbled across this video today from a US news channel. It makes a good point.

Don’t be that guy from Love Genre Films on Vimeo.

Wedding guests with phones and cameras who feel the need to experience their friends and family’s big day through some portable device seem a little odd to me. Sure, grab a picture of the couple to stick on Facebook but do you really need a hundred crappy photos? The couple have (hopefully) booked a pro to do that job for them. Their guests will get to see those and maybe even get a copy of the images. Put the phone away. Enjoy the moment. Life only happens once and these moments pass quickly. The pro photographer will help you remember the day through great, well composed images. You can relax and enjoy the company of your friends and family.

It’s the same with gigs. But even worse. Some fans seem to watch the entire gig through their iPhone. It’s sad. They’re not really there at all. They’re not experiencing the moment as it happens. They’re recording it to watch later. They may as well just buy the DVD or watch YouTube.

Maybe more bands should follow the lead of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs who have started displaying these posters at gigs…


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