April 5, 2014 Steve Gerrard

Cobain – Twenty years on…


I remember exactly where I was. 5th April 1994.

I was DJing in a bar in Birmingham called Xposure Rock Cafe (now called Subside) when we got the news about Kurt Cobain. I remember some people immediately started making jokes about it and that made me angry.

Then my friend Tessa arrived. Tessa knew Kurt. She’d stayed with him in Seattle. Nirvana had been to her house in Handsworth Wood. We’d seen Nirvana together. I’m extremely glad I saw Nirvana live five times.

I was at the MTV Awards when they played Lithium…

That night Tessa & I stayed up all night waiting for news reports from CNN. It still wasn’t clear what exactly had happened.

Two decades later and my kids now listen to Nirvana on the iPad and watch blu-rays of them playing live. Kurt lives on through the amazing songs that changed music entirely at the beginning of the 90s.

RIP Kurt.

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