August 7, 2014 Steve Gerrard

Au Revoir UK


Tuesday morning I took Evelyne and the boys to Heathrow. Terminal 2. The Queen’s Terminal apparently!

They flew to Toronto at 12:05. Well, they should have! The flight was delayed for an hour, causing them to miss their connecting flight to Montreal 🙁

It was hard to see them leave, even though I know it’s for good reasons. I won’t see them until October 5th when I fly to Montreal to join them.

So, now I’m on my own in a big empty house counting the days…..


2014-08-07_0014 2014-08-07_0015 2014-08-07_0016 2014-08-07_0017 2014-08-07_0018 2014-08-07_0019 2014-08-07_0020

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  1. Andy Charrington

    These are beautiful Steve. Had a very manly tear threaten to escape on that last picture 🙂

    If you fancy a beer in the next 59 days, we would drink one (a few) with you.

    Andy & Amy


  2. Been there.

    I did everything I could to get to my family sooner.

    Looking at your photos makes me wish I had done the that, great images.

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