December 11, 2013 Steve Gerrard

My Angels

2013-12-11_0001Things are starting to slow down a little here are Steve Gerrard HQ and I’m gonna make sure I sit back and enjoy the downtime cos I know it’ll fly by and, before we know it, we’ll be right back into the thick of a new wedding season.

I shot my last wedding of the year on Saturday. Solo. It was mega. In fact, as much as it’s great having 2nd shooters along to our weddings and it is handy having them cover the stuff I can’t do on my own, I seem to relish the challenge of shooting solo and have shot some of my best weddings single-handed. Zoe & Warren only booked us last month but their wedding was a fun end to a crazy-busy year. We were due to finish at 8pm as I had to drive straight down to London that night but at 8 o’clock they were still half way through speeches! I decided to stay. I didn’t wanna miss any of the speeches or the first dance, but, as soon as they were done, I headed south…. at 9:30pm!

I was in London to shoot a Christening for one of our previous wedding couples. Well, the truth is I was there to shoot everything except the Christening, as the priest/vicar/whatever had said strictly no photography in the chapel. I did get a bit sneaky though and managed to get a few key photos with my 5D3 on silent and shooting from the hip 🙂

Fun fact: The Christening party was next door to the house where the contestants for the last series of The Apprentice were staying. It’s a gorgeous house.

Today was a half day off though and Evelyne and I saw two of our boys up on stage at our local school’s Christmas concert. Isaac had a speaking part, narrating some of the Christmas story. Last year he got stage fright and burst into tears. This year, he was perfect. Proud Dad right here! And I didn’t even mention the sign language yet!

Jonas, our youngest, played an angel and just had to join in with the songs. He spent half the concert with his hands down his trousers. Evelyne was mortified. I thought it was hilarious. Boys will be boys….


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