February 25, 2011 Steve Gerrard

Jonas' Brothers

Yesterday was my first day off in a week. And thankfully it was also the best weather of the year so far.

Evelyne & I took the kids for a carvery meal at the pub in Sutton Park. Great idea in theory but the reality wasn’t quite what we had planned. Elliott was his usual calm & collected self. Isaac was tired, grumpy and making enough noise to start annoying fellow diners. And then Jonas started crying! Evelyne managed to eat about half her dinner before deciding to take Isaac & Jonas out of the restaurant. Like I say, not quite the relaxed family day out we’d planned.

To give Evelyne a break, I decided to take all 3 boys to the park while she did her own thing. Jonas slept the whole time so I took the opportunity to get some shots of his brothers having fun in the sun…

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