October 26, 2010 Steve Gerrard

Jo & Rick – Engaged!

Jo & Rick get married this Thursday. It’s a wedding I’ve been looking forward to since they booked us.

For their engagement shoot we were hampered by almost continuous rain so we had to find areas which were under cover. Luckily some areas were kinda cool but all had pretty crappy light. The 5D MkII is pretty good in low light though so I was able to bump up the ISO and we were ready to roll…

So, here’s a funny little story…

A few days ago I was working in my studio and 2 guys were outside looking at the images in the studio window. They obviously didn’t know I could hear them talking. The conversation went something like this.. “He’s shooting my friends’ wedding next week. He just did some engagement photos for them. About 20% of them are ok.” lol

I know he was talking about Jo & Rick but I’d say we did better than 20%. Maybe 30% at least 😉

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  1. I’d have said about 100% of them are alright, if you like that kind of thing. haha! I love these Steve and I like how your photography is never the same old stuff that I sometimes lull into. Always unique.

  2. Well, i think these are fabulous, wet weather always a challenge but i love the tone, the mood and the composition youve used here Steve.Typically unique and funky, you are a real talent!

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