June 28, 2012 Steve Gerrard

Jeff Newsom – Ultrameggedon – A Workshop Review

Last month I was honoured to welcome one of my favourite wedding photographers, California’s own Jeff Newsom, to our studio in Birmingham to host not one, but two workshops.

I’ve followed Jeff’s work for a few years now and his creativity and ability to think out of the box has always been something I’ve admired.

He doesn’t take himself too seriously but also has a very clear idea of the kind of photographer he wants to be and how he wishes to run his business. If there’s an element of his workflow that he doesn’t look forward to, he aims to remove it altogether. And he says he can edit a full wedding, from start to finish, in under 3 hours!

For the two days Jeff welcomed just 12 attendees per day and covered a broad range of topics from his approach to booking clients (he makes them work hard to find him) to how he shoots almost 100% landscape images because that’s how he views the world. He skipped over topics like “what’s in my bag” and albums (“I just don’t do them”) to concentrate more on art and creating images which excite him.

Jeff’s post-production is super-slick, yet still thoughtful and creative. He uses Adobe Lightroom for almost all his post-production, rarely even opening Photoshop. And he taught me some Lightroom tricks that I never even knew existed. And now I use those all the time!

Both days included a shoot with a real couple. On day 2 that real couple was Evelyne & myself. You can see the results HERE

The images from day 1 are HERE

Jeff also created two of his acclaimed Gold Records images while he was here. I could tell you his secret, but I’d have to kill you…

Photographers, if you’re considering attending one of Jeff’s workshops, I can’t recommend them highly enough. Jeff is easy-going, totally open when answering the many questions we threw at him, funny, articulate and completely unique in his vision. He’ll make you think this is the best job in the world. He may have a point!

He says his website is designed to filter out the “clients who don’t get it” and claims he’d love to shoot 70 weddings a year because he knows that he improves with every wedding. He doesn’t rely on 2nd shooters, but will take one along sometimes just to have a friend along for the day.

A huge thanks to Jeff for taking the time to pop over to our little island and dump so much enlightening info into our brains. Thanks to everyone who attended. We had two fantastic groups. Good times were had.

Jeff promises another UK workshop some time in the future. If you’re interested, make sure you sign up HERE

Here are a few images from day 1…

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