March 25, 2007 alan

It doesn't rain.. it pours!

Spent most of Saturday taking it easy and trying to get myself better. Took the time to add a new feature to my website allowing people to buy limited edition prints of my photographs. Not just prints either! People can also buy canvases, greetings cards and even mousemats featuring the images. You can CLICK HERE to see the results.

My good friend Tony came over and helped sort my computer out for me. Again! He really is a star. Fitted a new dvd burner and got rid of tons of shit that was basically clogging up my computer. We defragmented it and now it’s much faster.

Started feeling a bit better anyway and went out to DJ last night but by the time I was done I felt awful again so came straight home to bed.

This morning woke up to the site of my radiator leaking all over the living room carpet. Not just dripping either, it was pouring out and I spent hours filling buckets until the plumber got here and drained the system. So now I have no central heating until I get the radiator replaced! But at least I can stop filling my bucket every 15 minutes now.

3 days til Evelyne gets home. Today she’s having a baby shower with her friends and family in Montreal. Sounds like they have some surprises planned for her too. Wish I could be there.

Here’s a couple of pictures from Thursday’s My Chemical Romance gig..
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