February 11, 2011 Steve Gerrard


Yesterday was a day off for me. It was our wedding anniversary so we had a chilled day at home with the kids before watching The Social Network with some nachos and a bottle of wine after they’d gone to bed. More days like that this year I hope!

At one point, Elliott & Jonas were both taking a nap, so Isaac was entertaining himself with toy trains and watching the world go by from our living room window (and yes, it does need cleaning!). I grabbed my camera…

In this digital age it’s all to easy to leave these kind of photographs on the computer but we’re pretty good at getting our favourites printed and put on our magnet board (from Ikea if you’re wondering). And we have a few albums filled with 6×4 prints too. I encourage you to do the same…

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    • steve

      Thanks Charis. They’re not all my photos actually. Some were taken by Emma Case, some by Jose Villa.
      Our wedding photo was taken by Bianca Barrett 🙂
      One was taken by my mom!

  1. Michelle Fox-Reynolds

    So nice to spend time with your own children they often get forgotten subject to take. I often get a print of Layla every time I order from Loxley but there are far more on my hard drive, hope you had a fab wedding anniversary xx

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