June 19, 2013 Steve Gerrard

Introducing….. Urban Cosy

Some of you that follow me on Facebook etc will know that my wife, Evelyne, has been making some pretty cool stuff over the past few months, from gloves and cuffs to water bottle holders and bunting.

This has all been building up to her launching her own shop on Etsy, called URBAN COSY.

And this week her shop went live.

I’m so proud of her for making this all happen, and in such a short time frame, all the while helping me out with the photography business, keeping our home in order and, of course, being an amazing mom to our three boys. Somebody give the girl a medal!

So, please click on the link below, have a look at what she’s been up to and maybe even treat yourself to something 🙂


From small acorns…..

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