December 8, 2010 Steve Gerrard

Interpol – Live at Birmingham Academy

Interpol are one of my favourite bands and every time I’ve seen them live they’ve been amazing, intense and even better than on record.

And when they played in Birmingham recently they were better than ever! Even if they never played “Evil”!

Having said that, they’re not the easiest band to photograph. Their music suits dark, moody lighting and, not being allowed to use flash (officially) it was a little tricky to say the least. For the last minute or so of the third song (we only get to shoot the first three) I decided I’d be cheeky and sneak a few shots with a very low-powered flash. I’m glad I did.

This last shot was taken from my seat on the balcony later in their set. You can see what kind of lighting we were dealing with from this shot but I love the mood of it..

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Comments (3)

  1. Lee

    The last pic represents the ambience of the gig perfectly. How were the shots without the flash?

  2. Steph

    I was stood down there in the mosh pit, being smacked about, spilling my pint all over the place and having a top time. Interpol rule. Great shots as always Steve. Snuck in some shots you weren’t supposed to take huh? Yep…I recall you doing the same at my wedding…hahahahaha.

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