July 1, 2009 alan

Independents Day – My First Exhibition

A couple of months ago the lovely folk at Retail Birmingham came to visit me about a project highlighting the independent stores in Birmingham City Centre. They wanted to put together a collection of images based on the old classic shopkeeper photos where you would have a fishmonger outside his shop proudly holding a prize salmon. But these images would be a bit more modern and in colour! 🙂

I was keen to do the project as I know a few people who work in the independent stores already and know that they often struggle to compete with the big chain stores in the city. So any exposure can only be a good thing. The initial aim was to produce a booklet to be placed in tourist information points, hotels etc but it quickly developed into something bigger and I’m pleased to say that today sees the launch of an exhibition of the images on the streets of Birmingham.

I want to thank Nikki and Steve from Retail Birmingham for asking me to be a part of the project. Thanks also to the shop owners and managers who made my job easy. The exhibition has already been heavily promoted in the press and online. And this evening it should make the local TV news!

Here are a few of the pictures from the project..

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Comments (9)

  1. Makes me feel quite nostalgic! Recognise quite a few shop fronts – Love the groups in the beauty lounge and Urban Roots shots – also long live the tailor….that’s a great picture! The penultimate shot….where was that taken?! Newspapers AND TV……..pretty cool! Rosie

  2. Elesha

    Love the Old Sweet Shoppe one – where is that place, I HAVE to visit!!!

  3. steve

    It’s in Great Western Arcade, Elesha. It’s such a cute shop. Like something out of Willy Wonka 🙂

  4. h sidhu

    i was watching the news at 6.00pm wed 1st july and thought i saw a picture of me in front of some cig’s counter but unsure

  5. Love these images. Love the concept.

    Hope to see them in town over the weekend!

    Where is Micca? I think I know a little girl who might like a visit! 😉

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