June 3, 2015 Steve Gerrard

In To Milan…


This week I’ve been over in Italy to shoot Elisha & Simon’s amazing wedding on the banks of Lake Como. More of that soon enough…

Before heading back to the UK I managed to grab a couple of days in Milan. I wasn’t expecting too much. People had told me they didn’t particularly like it as a city. I have to disagree though.

On Monday I grabbed my camera and started wandering the streets. It was 29 degrees and sunny and I walked for the best part of 7 hours, only stopping for a cup of tea and a croissant. From the cathedral to the parks to the graffiti covered backstreets and the fashion centre of the universe…. Here are a few photos I took as I discovered the city…

milan-milano-italy_076milan-milano-italy_069 milan-milano-italy_070 milan-milano-italy_071 milan-milano-italy_072 milan-milano-italy_073 milan-milano-italy_074 milan-milano-italy_077 milan-milano-italy_078 milan-milano-italy_079 milan-milano-italy_080 milan-milano-italy_081 milan-milano-italy_082 milan-milano-italy_083 milan-milano-italy_084 milan-milano-italy_085 milan-milano-italy_086 milan-milano-italy_087 milan-milano-italy_088 milan-milano-italy_089 milan-milano-italy_090 milan-milano-italy_091



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