May 18, 2011 Steve Gerrard

I Shot Film Again

For a while now I’ve been itching to try shooting film again.

Ever since I bought my first Digital SLR camera I’ve shot virtually no film at all. I love the look of film still though and some of my favourite photographers shoot exclusively on film.

Evelyne knew of my interest in shooting film again and, as a surprise for my birthday, invited Ashton Jean Pierre up to Birmingham to meet with me and advise me a little on how he uses film cameras to create some gorgeous images.

Check out his blog HERE but also make sure you see the brilliant (and often hilarious) images from his 365 Project.

I’m not going to be shooting film at weddings any time soon but I’m pretty sure I’ll be investing in a new film SLR when I have some spare cash. I loved spending some time with Ashton, and Emma Case who came with him, and taking photos without auto-focus and even enjoyed the anticipation of getting images back from the lab. Just like the old days…

Not all were great. Not all were in focus. But some were pretty decent… And I never sat in front of a computer editing once!

Big thanks to Ashton, Emma and my gorgeous wife 🙂

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  1. Zippin’ up your boots and getting back to your roots…. such a great plan Evelyne.

    (And it was nice of you to let Emma out of the shed for the occasion too)

  2. There’s a touching, warm quality about film that some how digital just can’t get close to. No matter what the processing is.

    Really enjoying seeing these. I’ve got an undying love for film so it’s nice to know it’s seeing somewhat of a revival recently.

  3. Mark Evans


    film rocks, but one question, are you a Kodak or Fuji man?

  4. Ah the good old days of film with all its warm tones… the smell of the chemicals in the darkroom… happy memories. Looks like you had a great time. Long live film! x

  5. Pete Smyth

    These are ACE! LOVE it!!!!!!!!
    Right instead of ‘Film night’ where we go watch a movie… we’re gonna do ‘Film day’ and once a month we all go out and shoot? Up for it Mr G and Ms D? xxx

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