April 14, 2007 alan

I Can't Get No Sleep

Friday night and I can’t sleep.. Got so much going round in my head, I could do with an off switch!

Been looking into the whole search engine thing, trying to get Steve Gerrard Photography up there in the Google and Yahoo listings. It’s a daunting task but I guess you have to stick with it and eventually you climb the ladder. My friend Zak has offered to help as he has plenty of knowledge because of his company Prezzybox which sells all kinds of gifts. Maybe having another website HERE will help?? Then again, probably not!
It probably doesn’t help having the Liverpool and England footballer Steven Gerrard hogging all the top spots when people search for “Steve Gerrard”! Git! I had the name first!!
I did update the images on the site too. I’ve added some new wedding images and I’ll be adding even more next week.

So, the local paper came and took some photos to go with their article on me. The photographer, Paul, was a really nice guy. It must be weird for him to be photographing a photographer but he was friendly and professional and got a good picture of me surrounded by prints and canvases. I look forward to seeing the article, although as it’s the local paper, it could end up being a bit naff! We’ll see..

I noticed that the Bring Me The Horizon gig I’m shooting for Metal Hammer clashes with Trivium, and more importantly Gojira, in Wolverhampton. Tried to rearrange to shoot the Newport gig but Roadrunner say they’re inundated with photo pass requests so can’t help. The next day Rock Sound call and ask if I can shoot the Trivium show in Nottingham on Tuesday. I say yes!
It’s gonna be a mad one as we’re up in the Lakes on Monday and Tuesday for the Annabel Williams course but I’ll be able to get to Rock City in time. Just hope I don’t miss Gojira.

Got my head around Lightroom a bit more while sorting through Kerry & Martin’s wedding photos. I have to say I’m really impressed with how much you can do without even having to use Photoshop. I can see me using it all the time and it’s certainly going to save me a lot of time which is so important when photography is your career. If you’re a photographer and haven’t tried it out yet, I highly recommend it.

Been listening to the new Nine Inch Nails album this week which is superb. I love the way it’s heavy and noisy without having to use big guitars. Not that I have anything against big guitars of course. I’ve also been listening to the new Hacride , Dagoba and Scarve albums and I can’t get enough of “No Compromise” by Since The Flood.

OK… let’s see if I can sleep now…

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