October 26, 2009 alan

Helen & Lee – A Wedding At Hogarths, Solihull

Remember these two?

We shot a great engagement session with them and their little boy Theo over the summer and I knew then that their wedding would be my kind of wedding. I was right.

Super-relaxed, laid-back, fun… Their day was a pleasure to be a part of. It’s only the second time I’ve shot a wedding at Hogarth’s Hotel in Solihull but I love the venue. It’s very cool and contemporary and has a great little wooded area to escape to for the portraits.

Here are a few images from their day. Tell me this isn’t the best wedding dress shot ever! 🙂

Theo’s tray made for the perfect way to serve champagne 🙂

Theo rockin’ the suit!

The look of love..

Note to Best Men – Try not to throw the rings across the floor when it comes to your big moment! 😉

Any church that has this little guy on the organ gets my approval.

And on to Hogarths..

Time to escape…



Somebody recently said to me “You always say your couples are great people”. Well, it’s actually true. Most of the time! 😉 Helen & Lee are a great couple and let Anna and I do our thing on the day and we both had a really good time.

Congrats to Helen & Lee. Hi-fives to Theo 🙂

Oh yeah… Half way through the day, look who stopped by to say hello 🙂

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  1. Dasha

    and once again im very much amazed by your work. It makes me wonder how much photography courses you took to learn how to take such top-quality stunning photos… 🙂

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