December 9, 2013 Steve Gerrard

Katy + Tim – A Wedding at Hedsor House


So I’m pretty behind on blogging. I have every intention of catching up though. I still have weddings from 2012 I’m eager to get on the blog! Hopefully they’ll be worth the wait…

For now though, say hi to Katy & Tim. They were married at the beautiful Hedsor House in Buckinghamshire and it was a brilliant day from the chilled out beginning to the air-guitar frenzy at the end.

Thanks to Martin Hobby and his beard for joining me at this one. And many thanks to Katy & Tim for having us along to such a perfect wedding.

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  1. Katy

    Thank you Steve and Martin. Just amazing photos of a wonderful day. You guys were brilliant (and Martin – I think you received more compliments on the beard/suit combo than I did on my dress. Way to upstage the bride!) x

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