November 6, 2008 alan

Happy Halloween

The variety of photography that my job brings me is something that I keep coming back to and last week was a great example. I began the week photographing thrash metal legends Slayer in Manchester and Wolverhampton. I ended the week photographing Barney the dinosaur!

As a parent and a photographer I feel it’s my duty to make sure I get at least one photo which we can bring out in 30 years when our kids get married. Of course, dressing kids up for Halloween is great fun (although in England the dressing up part is still somewhat half-hearted compared to the other side of the Atlantic) and Evelyne went to great lengths in her search for an original but cute Halloween outfit for Elliott.

On the night we headed out to Walsall Illuminations which is an event I’ve never been to before and it made for a fun way to spend Halloween as Elliott (or as we called him for the evening, Ellion) ran around in his outfit, giggling, checking out the lights and getting plenty of “Ahhh, how cute!” comments from people. He got bored with Barney quite quickly (the boy has taste) but enjoyed being out past his bed-time and running around amongst all the people…

After all that Elliott was asleep within minutes of getting back in the car!

Happy Halloween 🙂

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  1. Far too cute for words! So sad we missed it.
    Next year hey? When they’ll be eight of us and two cute tiny ones to dress up too!

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