May 10, 2007 alan

Happy Birthday to me…

May 10th. The birthday of Sid Vicious, Bono, Fred Astaire, Linda Evangelista, Homer Simpson (apparently), Donovan and… moi!

I never want to be working on my birthday really but today we did make time for a meeting with the wedding co-ordinator at a country hotel. We planned the presentation, dressed appropriately and even arrived early (trust me, that’s a big deal!) but unfortunately our meeting was cancelled when the person concerned was called away at the exact time of our meeting. So my birthday morning was a write-off! Boo hoo!

After that however, my day was way more fun. The continuous rain meant that Evelyne and I decided to stay home in front of the fire watching movies and eating crap. We finally saw “Borat” which was short but hilarious and then we watched “Little Miss Sunshine” which was great but not as special as I’d expected. Toni Collette was typically fantastic though.

This evening we went for dinner at the local pub and Evelyne even arranged candles on the desert 🙂 The girl’s amazing and I love her more every day. She managed to get me a brilliant book on portrait lighting (do I sound like a nerd?) which may sound boring but is seriously good.

Finished the day off with some TV and a Jack & coke. Perfect. Happy birthday to me… 🙂

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