September 22, 2012 Steve Gerrard

Happy Birthday Evelyne xx

When I was growing up I’d try to imagine the kind of girl I’d end up marrying.

I would imagine my perfect woman…. Gorgeous obviously, intelligent, fun, caring, outgoing, a great mom…. and sexy as hell.

I kinda knew I’d probably have to settle for somebody not quite up to those standards though.

And then I met Evelyne.

I’m a lucky lucky man!

Today is Evelyne’s 32nd birthday and I have a wedding to shoot so I won’t see her much. But after that we’re off to Ibiza for a few days. Without the kids! Can. Not. Wait.

So.. to my amazing wife… Happy Birthday babe. I love you. xxx

All photos by the uber-talented Ed Peers

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  1. rhiannon

    I love this!!!
    So romantic and cannot imagine two people more suited to each other. Happy Birthday Evelyne!

  2. It’s ok dude you had me to hang round with on Evelyne’s birthday instead and I know you much preferred that…. Happy Birthday Ev! x

  3. Dave

    Come a long way from DJing at eddies, you take some great pictures, I used to go out with Bernie and shared a house with you for a while

    Nice to seeing you do so well

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