October 3, 2009 alan

Happy Anniversary to us :)

Today is 3rd October which means it’s 2 years since Evelyne & I had our wedding in Cornwall.

The weather was much better that day!

We’re now a little family, with our gorgeous boys, Elliott & Isaac, and we couldn’t be happier! 🙂

I love my girl so much and she amazes me every day. I’m so blessed to have met her and for her to have moved from Montreal and agreed to be my wife. She’s the sun in my sky and I look forward to many many more years together…

Wedding pics by Bianca Barrett.

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  1. Dasha

    looks like you guys are happy. Thats great that you are. May you live like this for many more years to come. You have a attractive little family. Elliot and Isaac look like lil baby models. 🙂

  2. Becky Corneby

    Congrats, How lovely!
    Looks like Polhawn Fort where my friends got married, is it?
    If so, lovely, so beautiful!

  3. Becky Corneby

    P.S. The Cartoon Kings are booked for the April wedding that you recommended us for. So thanks a million and we’ll see you there.

  4. steve

    Hi Becky
    You’re quite right. It is Polhawn Fort. It’s an amazing venue. So glad we chose it 🙂
    Cartoon Kings will have your party jumpin’! 🙂

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